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Ask an Interior Designer

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We interviewed Emily Head, the owner and designer at The Nest Design Studio in Sisters! Here are the questions we were able to ask her!

How do you decorate a big wall?

I usually try to keep things simple, but it depends on the size of wall. I would draw to a large piece such as a mirror, artwork, or handmade rug rather than a bunch of little things. If you have a meaningful collection then maybe those little things would work, but first look for a large item. Do what makes you happy!

Why should sellers take down their family photos?

Potential buyers get distracted for one, and they can't picture themselves living in the home because it clearly belongs to the family who is all over the walls.

Where should family photos be displayed?

My kids tell me I have gone too crazy with my family pictures! :) But, spread them out throughout the home to maintain balance. Make it feel like your home in every room you go into.

Where in a home is the best bang for your buck in regards to resale?

Oh, for sure Kitchens and Bathrooms. They aren't cheap, but they are the rooms you use every day and people look for when buying. If they see a bathroom or kitchen they have to gut, they don't want to buy unless they are looking for a fixer upper.

What are some of your favorite paint colors for walls and cabinets?

I always look at the architecture and finishes in the home. What are the floors? Are they wood or tile? Is there wood trim or painted trim? I try to balance the texture and colors and finishes together. You don't want too much wood.

If you have dark wood then go lighter on the cabinets so there's some relief and contrast.

I have done both painted cabinets and wood...just think of contrast and balance of color!

Sometimes we do too much wood in Central Oregon in my opinion!

How do we avoid our homes constantly outdating?

Avoid themes! You can get away with themes in a kids bedroom and it's fun, but the rest of the house shouldn’t be themed! You don't need to copy Joanna Gaines for instance and have the whole house look like what she does. She does a beautiful job, but it doesn't make a home a home. Choose clean lines, don't picked really stylistic furniture or accessories on the walls. Pick things that have meaning to you!

What about patterned tile floors?

Choose colors that are tone on tone rather than strong, because you'll hate them in five years.


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