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Best Offer in a Sellers Market

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you are ready to make an offer, the most important thing is to not feel intimidated and get the help you need! Choose a Real Estate Broker who knows what they are doing! Such as a Powell Team member!

In a "Sellers Market" homes are priced higher and inventory is lower. Therefore, buyers may experience a bit of pressure to submit an impressive offer and have to compete with others for the home.

The highest offer isn't always the one that is accepted due to closing costs, but we also don't recommend you low ball a seller. Know your price range.

Come in with a strong offer that is at or close to the listing price. A good Real Estate Broker has done a thorough Comparative Market Analysis and priced the home right.

Sellers want to sell their homes for the highest that they can, but it isn't always the deciding factor. When a buyer lowers their number of contingencies through things like inspections then your offer will be stronger. The offer that causes the least amount of hassle for the seller will most likely be the one accepted.

Buyers can offer a little lower than the asking price and you can ask for things, but be flexible!

If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation make sure your Broker has done a good Comparative Market Analysis, that you know your price range, and to avoid a lot of contingencies.

If you are one of these rare individuals who can pay cash then your offer will most likely be accepted over financed offers. Cash talks WHEN the offer is at or close to asking price because they usually lead to smooth transactions. The delays in homes closing on time usually happen due to finances.

When a cash offer isn't an option then we recommend the first step you take is to obtain a pre-approval letter from a lender. Pre-approval letters indicate how high of a loan you qualify for. They help buyers avoid wasting time and getting frustrated looking at properties they can't afford.

When you hire a Powell Team member, we will use our knowledge, resources and negotiating strategies to get you in a desirable home and one that is within your budget!

We are happy to help you with your Real Estate needs!


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