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Be Kind!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We are living in an unusual time. Friends and family members have had to shut down their businesses like dental offices and hair salons. Some have remained positive and others don't know what they are going to do. It's heartbreaking, but we are here to uplift you with some words of encouragement and give you some ideas to support others during this time.

We can buy gift cards to support local businesses and either use in the future when they do reopen or now if they are offering curbside service.

We can add or take away from positively all around us. If you see negative comments online or hear them from others mouths, don't add to the negativity...there is enough of that in the uncertainty that lies ahead. We can hope for a short lived down time! Post positive things on your social media platforms and always remember, "If you Can be Anything in This World, be Kind".

There have been random acts of kindness happening all over the world during this time of social distancing. People have put tables up with flour, toilet paper, and disinfected wipes in front of their homes for anyone in need to grab. Companies have been offering free art classes for kids, 100 free Audible books for children, and Zoos/Museums have been hosting virtual tours.

Real Estate is still moving forward virtually as well! For those of you who looking at homes online, you can view our listings easily! We can send you a virtual tour of a home, you can look at or download our free Fred Real Estate App and register for an account. The Fred app can...

  • Filter properties based on school district boundaries

  • Zoom in on photos

  • Access a mortgage calculator

  • The Powell Team can send properties in text messages and have a convo with you within the app

  • When you are out taking a walk, you can do a "Home Scan" by pointing your camera at a sale sign and the listing will pull up

  • You can draw on the map if you want to find houses on one side of a road

  • You can search by commute time

Stay safe, healthy, and let us know if there is anything for you Real Estate related or not!!


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