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Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting real estate facts and statistics that you can share with family and friends!

  • 90% of the world’s millionaires became rich thanks to real estate. (The College Investor)

  • Individual real estate investors account for 74.4% of rental properties in the US. (US Census Bureau)

  • 79% of Americans consider owning a home one of the greatest goals to achieve (Bankrate)

  • The average age of all homebuyers in the US is 47 years old, while the average home seller is 57, according to real estate statistics (Bloomberg, NAR)

  • The average American is likely to move 12 times in their lifetime (Steinway)

  • With an average rent of $695 for a single-family residence, Springfield, Montana, is the cheapest among the US’s most populous cities (GOBankingRates)

  • Atherton, CA – zip code 94027 is the most expensive zip code in America with a median real estate sale price of slightly over $7 million (Mental Floss)

  • Surprisingly, Massachusetts is the priciest US state to buy a home in (MarketWatch)

  • The most expensive residence in the world is Buckingham Palace, England (Investopedia)

  • Scots paint their front door red, when they pay off their mortgage (Homes MSP)

  • Zillow is the most popular real estate and rental marketplace in the US (The Most Expensive Homes)

  • Austin, Texas, is the top commercial real estate market in the US (CXRE)

  • There are more single female homeowners in the US than single male homeowners (Lending Tree)

  • Staged homes sell 25% faster than non-staged ones (G2)

  • The three most important factors when buying a home are location, location, and location.

  • Sellers are watching & listening to you! Anyone with Wi-Fi now has an easy way to put security camera with microphones into their houses. It’s so common now to see these cameras in people’s home many people don’t even notice them anymore!

  • Your open house helps agents more than it helps you usually -Open houses are USUALLY opportunities for us brokers to meet new people, learn about their market, and prospect for new opportunities—but they aren’t good for serious buyers or sellers.

  • There’s no such thing as old or vintage homes in Tokyo. If you’ve ever dreamed about buying a pre-owned house in Tokyo to save some money, you might have to rethink your plans. Construction is such a bustling industry all over the country that nearly half the homes in Japan are torn down 30 years after being built. In fact, old homes that are typically revered in the west, are absolutely loathed by Japanese!


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