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Seller's Guide

Our Seller's Guide contains the following:

  • Get to know Your Real Estate Broker

  • Before you sell: understanding the home selling process

  • Get to know Your Real Estate Brokerage

  • Seller's Questionnaire

  • Before we list

  • Selling Step by Step

  • The Initial Process

  • On the Market

  • Inspections and more

  • Closing time

  • Seller Mistakes

  • Real Estate Terms

  • Mover Recommendations

  • Cleaner Recommendations

  • Local Service Providers (Home Inspectors, Handyman/Painters, Plumbers, Landscapers)

We would love to meet you, go over our contacts, and share our free guide with you!

Call Carla 541.408.6333 Marnae 541.815.1075 or Cathryn 541.588.0863


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