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Smart Home Features

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Why Buyers Are Looking For Smart Homes:

Homebuyers are fast becoming more and more interested in smart technology features

Numerous reasons these features are on the rise:

  • Makes people’s lives easier

  • Providing a sense of security

  • Attract buyers

  • Sells homes at a higher price

Top smart home features and their benefits:

Smart Security

· This is a great smart home feature that will help a property stand

· These systems allow homeowners to monitor their homes while they’re not home

· Provides peace of mind

· Stay in control of your property at all times

· Prevent theft

· Protect belongings

· Potentially lower home insurance rates

· Can be as simple as a DIY setup

· Doorbell ring – that alerts you on your phone with video and speaker system

· Video Cameras around the premise

· Window and door monitors

Smart Lighting

· Smart lighting systems provide homeowners with numerous benefits

· People can turn their lights on and off remotely just by using an app on the phone

· Users also have the option to schedule lighting to go off or on around the home

· Smart lighting can also provide security when set to turn off and on at random times

· It deters intruders

· Another security benefit is the motion detectors allow for the lights to be activated when movement is detected

· Creates energy savings

· You can even have your lights hooked up to voice activation so that when you walk into the house you can tell them to turn on

Smart Thermostat

· Smart thermostats are becoming more popular for many reasons

· Homeowners can minimize their energy costs and track their energy usage

· Gives you the power to adjust the thermostat preferences so you can decrease energy costs.

· One of the top perks is the ability to control the thermostat remotely.

· On cold winter day you can turn up the heat before arriving home or cool in down in the summer months

Smart Appliances

· Smart appliances offer a great level of convenience.

· Turn ovens on using your voice if you're baking with sticky fingers or have your hands full of groceries

· At the grocery store and not sure what you’re running low on? You can check the contents of your fridge using your phone

· Most smart appliances are also energy efficient and help the environment

· Tons of these appliances will impress homebuyers and lead to happy homeowners

Smart Garage

· Smart garage door openers offer tons of benefits most homeowners might not think about

· Depending on the model, a smart garage door opener can notify homeowners if the door opens without their authorization

· Allows homeowners to let people into their homes even without a key when they aren’t there

· You don’t need one of those “garage door openers” in your car to get into the garage

· Another safety feature is the carbon monoxide sensors that alert homeowners of dangerous fumes

· Park assistance is a favorite, it uses a laser guiding system so people can park in the garage with ease

Smart Shades and Blinds

· Convenience is key

· Motorized and smart blinds can be opened with a remote device or phone

· Homeowners can schedule when they want open or close Blinds automatically even when you aren’t home

· The blinds can know to close during the hottest part of the day to reduce HVAC usage or open in the winter to heat the room with the sun

· Energy savings are always a plus

· Plus you don’t have to have hanging cords

Smart Locks:

· Smart locks can be programmed according to your needs

· Visitors can be granted or denied access based on specified identifiers

· Doors can be opened with your phone

Features Coming Soon:

· The smart clock will scan your schedule and adjust the alarm

· Your shower automatically turns on and warms to your preferred temperature

· The car will be charged and ready to go

· Health sensors embedded in your bathroom detect signs of a cold coming on and placed an order automatically for cold medication

· Your groceries will have arrived by drone just as you are getting home and be ready to put away, and you didn’t have to make a list, because they sensor what's low in your pantry and refrigerator

· Smart lighting powered will revolutionize the way we illuminate our homes... automatically adjusting itself by detecting the presence of an occupant in the room – when the occupant exits, the lights will either dim or shut off entirely


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