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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Do you know why historically "Spring Cleaning?" is a tradition?

In the Spring everything is coming up anew after a dark winter. Humans use to heat with coal or wood, and light with whale oil or kerosene which can cause quite a mess! Therefore, homes were aired out, rugs were taken outside to be beaten, and furniture and stairs were dusted. Spring Cleaning is still common around the world and not a bad idea to do with how dusty Central Oregon can get! It's definitely a good idea if you are getting it ready to sell!

Although we clean weekly, Spring Cleaning often includes tasks that we don't even do every week or month!


-Clean inside the refrigerator

-Wipe down faces of appliances

-Wipe down counters

-Sweep and Mop

-Clean out the pantry

-Pull out the refrigerator and stove to clean under them


-Wash rugs

-Wipe down or replace shower curtain

-Sweep and mop floors

-Wipe down counters/mirrors

-Clean tub/shower...if it won't come clean-look into resurfacing! It will look brand new for around $250.00

Living Room

-Remove all clutter

-Move furniture to vacuum or mop under

-Dust all surfaces

-Clean windows/blinds

-Vacuum/mop floors

-Change air filters

-Get carpets cleaned


-Move furniture to vacuum or mop under

-Flip mattress

-Change sheets

-Change air filters

-Dust all surfaces

-Get carpets cleaned

-Wash rugs

-Wash curtains

Our suggestion...invest in a robotic vacuum!! Do anything that makes your life easier! We live in Central Oregon so we can GET OUTSIDE and not be slaves to our homes!!

Here is a check list you can print out!


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