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Updating Your Home

1. Fix cosmetic damage

· Cosmetic damage can be easily fixed

· scuffed floors

· scrapped woodwork

· peeling paint or paper on walls

2. Painting

· Stick with neutral colors throughout, like whites, beiges, or soft grays. They say 2023 Beige is back!

· Every room a different color ???

· How many accent walls? “trendy” paint colors are a bad move.

· Most Popular Colors Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray and Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. Both Greys that can look beiger – very neutral

3. Flooring

· Have you ever walked into a home to see at least 3 different floor transitions from the great room?

· This is definitely a distraction to potential home buyers if the home has several different kinds of flooring throughout.

· A more uniform flooring look—one or two types—is more appealing to buyers.

· Engineered hardwood floors or premium vinyl. But not all carpet… Dated stained or worn carpet, should be replaced..

3. The Kitchen

· White-colored kitchens remain the most popular. They can brighten the look of the space.

· Clean kitchens they don’t have to be stark white. But they just need a clean look.

· Dated kitchen cabinets can be painted by a pro for a quick fix.

· Brighten the space.

· Upgrade with new hardware.

4. Countertops and Appliances

· Dated appliances and countertops can turn off buyers.

· If replacing the countertop, bright, monochromatic look is popular and universally accepted, such as a gray or white countertop of granite, marble, or quartz.

· Butcher block countertops could be a more cost-effective option. But don’t replacing a countertop if the rest of the kitchen has not been upgraded and is dated. It makes the outdated look out of place.

· Look at replacing old appliances.

5. Updating Bathrooms

· Pink Bathtubs and sinks? Do you know they can be professional painted along with the tile?

· Older cabinets – paint or replace the vanity.

· Toilets – do you have short ones that practically sit on the floor? Think about updating.

· Shower doors and walls water stained – think about having professionally buffed..

6. Hire a professional cleaner

· A thorough cleaning of your home can make big difference, and often a professional cleaner can do the most thorough job. Pay attention to tile grout lines

7. Think about a professional inspection or at least fix any known defects

· Any defect or condition that affects the intended function or operation of a major house system should be fixed i.e. furnace, roof, plumbing etc.

· appliances not functioning properly, insect infestations, plus any imminent safety or environmental hazards.

· Ultimately it’s up to you

· Sure, the nicer your home looks, the more money you’ll likely be able to get when selling it.

· But not all improvements you make offer the same return on investment.

· So maybe think about making improvements while you live there so you can enjoy them before you sell.

Renovating beyond your neighborhood’s norm – don’t make “Too much house for the neighborhood.” In other words, if all the houses on your block are beautifully furnished and landscaped, then it likely is worth it to spend the extra cash on your own. But if your house is the only house on the block with a well-kept rose garden and indoor dog shower, you may not get the return you hope for.


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