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A Quick Sale

· The number of homeowners putting their houses on the market during coronavirus is low

· The shortage in demand does make it appealing to Sellers who are hoping for a quicker sale.

· New listings are down roughly 29% in comparison to this same time last year

· Home sellers who want to snag the steady stream of buyers we’re currently seeing and sell their home quickly still need to properly prepare.

· To sell a home quickly during coronavirus, sellers need to do everything that was required of them pre Covid-19 plus more.

· Recently the COVID-19 rules have gotten even more strict. So it’s a good idea to review these:

1. We have to not only wear masks, and booties and gloves depending on the home seller’s preference

2. But we have to limit the number of viewers at a time in a home,

3. Clean and disinfect any surfaces that are touched,

4. We also have to have names and contact information for anyone going into a home along with their signatures that they do not have COVID 19 or any of it’s symptoms.

5. Along with paying attention to curb appeal and staging the property, we have to ensure that the entire interior is clean and sanitary.

6. CDC coronavirus protocols must be followed to the letter when allowing buyers into the home.

7. Buyers need to be pre qualified or pre approved before showing homes especially during these times, so that no time is wasted or risked on someone who won’t be able to get a loan.

Here are some of the other ways to prepare your home to sell quickly during these times:

Clean & De-Clutter the Home

· Its more important than ever to DeClutter

· Plan Before we take photos of the home and put the listing on the MLS, to clean and sanitize every entryway, room and bathroom.

· The house should sparkle and send a message right away that it is safe the enter during

· De-clutter cupboards, pantries and garages.

· Organize drawers and closets.

· When you list a clean, fresh and de-cluttered home during coronavirus, you will likely increase its value among buyers who are extra cautious

Stage the Property

· Staging a home to sell has always been important. But, during coronavirus, it helps to deliver a clean and crisp look.

· Even if there are no open houses a staged home will look better in your listing photos and virtual tour.

· it’s a great time to double down on every best practice you ever had and ensure the home is even more attractive.

Boost Curb Appeal

· Lately, buyers and their agents will be scrutinizing listing photos and satellite images – more than ever and people are doing drive-bys.

· Update and freshen the exteriors. Even in the winter months there are things you can do.. to create better curb appeal

· Sweep or clean the walk ways, front yard,

· Make sure shrubbery is not overgrown

· Get rid of any clutter or extra yard ornaments..

· Make sure Christmas lights are removed in a timely manner

Detailed Listing Description

· A home’s listing description can often make or break a quick sale.

· We devote a lot of time to writing the best listing descriptions zero ng in on the key highlights of your home and neighborhood.

· When we write your listing description, we share upgrades, views and unique aspects of the home.

· Pointing out what buyers are looking for, like outdoor gathering spaces, cook’s kitchens, mudrooms and plenty of bathrooms.

· Making sure we really sell these best aspects of your home.

Create a Virtual Tour

· Can’t say enough about the importance of Virtual tours

· They are pretty much a must now during the coronavirus, since in-person showings are limited, they’re absolutely essential.

· This helps buyers better determine if the home is a fit.

· We think it is important that the virtual has photos of the front and back of the house as well as images of every room in the home.

· Even aerial or drone views of the property along with footage of neighboring homes or the community really help to add perspective.

Vacate the Home

· Not all sellers can move out of their home before listing it. But, if they can, it certainly helps to sell the property quickly.

· Buyers want to scrutinize a potential new house during coronavirus without having to worry about social distancing or catching Covid

· Showing a vacant home eases the stress that many buyers face today.

Don’t Overprice the Property

· One of the cardinal rules to selling a home quickly in any market, is to be careful not to overprice your home.

· Even though there may be little to choose from right now, buyers and their lenders are still being diligent about running comps, performing appraisals and simply evaluating the value in a property.

· Buyers right now are not desperate. Though, they may be more likely to jump for a bargain

We communicate freely and frequently with our clients – we don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for you to sell your home quickly with as little hassles as possible. With so much changing day to day in our markets, it’s essential to keep share ideas and be open for suggestions on all sides. Lastly, we are experienced in this market and especially helping to handle Multiple offers.


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